Sabtu, 19 April 2014

Former Apple CEO Offer Cheap Smartphone

For fans of Apple , John Sculley name may be familiar . Sculley served as CEO of Apple in 1983 before being replaced by Steve Jobs .

Sculley is coming from Pepsico , served for 10 years in that position . Having resigned from Apple , Sculley then began to concentrate on the smartphone business .

Now Sculley served as co -founder of the smart phone maker , Obi Mobile .

Obi exclusively Mobile launched in India on Friday ( 18/4 ) . While CEO Ajay Sharma held that once the head of the smartphone division at Micromax .

Reported by Phone Arena ( 19/4 ) , Obi Mobile plans to sell low-cost smartphone with superior technology . Besides India , the company also intends to sell its products to the Asia Pacific , Middle East and America .
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Obi plans provide value that will provide challenges for the Chinese company, Xiaomi , which has up to India .

Obi device first course will be offered to India with Obi Mobile brand . The device is expected to be offered next month .


Establishments BPBDs : 17 points and Tree Puddle After rain tumbles

Heavy rain and strong winds struck the greater Jakarta about 2 hours . Some point the road was flooded , while the falling tree .

" The rain is quite heavy with an average rainfall 56.1 mm / hour and accompanied by strong winds with an average speed of 12.5 meters / second , " said Head of Data and Information for Disaster Management Agency (BPBD ) Jakarta , Bambang Suryaputra via short message received in Jakarta , Saturday ( 04/19/2014 ) .

There are at least 17 ​​point spread in West Jakarta , Central Jakarta , East Jakarta and South Jakarta inundated . Here's the complete information points Jakarta floods :

South Jakarta
Jewel Road police station front , a pool of 20-30 cm
Jalan Pondok Indah directions to Lebak Bulus , a pool of 10-20 cm
MPR front of the building , a pool of 10-50 cm
Jalan Asia Afrika Senayan , a pool of 10 cm
Tevet road ahead SMP 115 , puddle 10-20 cm
Arterial road ahead Gandaria City Pondok Indah , a pool of 10-30 cm

Central Jakarta
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Sarinah Thamrin Road puddle ahead 10-20 cm
Highway Cempaka Putih , a pool of 10-20 cm
Jalan Pangeran Jayakarta , pools of 10-20 cm
Jalan Hasyim Ashari , a pool of 50 cm
Lt. Suprapro senen road directions , genagan water 30 cm

East Jakarta
Jalan Cempaka Mas Rawamangun direction , inundation of 20-30 cm
Matraman road directions priest knurl , a pool of 5 cm

West Jakarta
Tomang Raya left lane street , pools of 10-20 cm
Arjuna road junction Kemanggisan , Kebun Orange , puddle 20-40 cm
Jalan Kyai Tapa , a pool of 10-50 cm
Sustainable Palm street , Cengkareng , a pool of 20 - 40cm
Fallen tree

Besides inundation , wind terpaaan also make the most of a large tree falling on some streets . As a result of the fall of a tree , partly congested roads .
Most of the fallen trees covering the path segment vehicle . The following data were fallen trees and billboards by :

1 . Uprooted trees , Slipi Way highway in front of the stop Citraland Grogol , West Jakarta
2 . Fallen tree , a Long Way from the direction Gardens Citrus Permata Hijau , South Jakarta
3 . Billboards , Road intersection Puri Kembangan , West Jakarta
4 . Uprooted trees , beside Jalan Sudirman flyover Rubber Sampoerna , South Jakarta
5 . Uprooted trees , front lap Ball Long Road , West Jakarta
6 . Uprooted tree in front of the JSE direction to the Semanggi of Block M.


Kamis, 17 April 2014

Superior Korea & Singapore reason about Beauty Treatment

PEOPLE Indonesia more entrust the affairs of beauty in the three countries , like the Philippines , Korea , and Singapore . In fact , Indonesia has the same treatment they offer . What is the reason?

According to Gloria Novelita beauty doctor , SpKK , the reason for the promo jor-rod carried out by the clinic to get the public 's attention .
Because the artist from Korea , for example , is currently loved and their faces according to what people of Indonesia. That is the reason Korea , the Philippines , and Singapore to be excellent about beauty treatments .

" Actually, the same treatment . They excel in the field of promotion . Artists in their countries , such as Korea that are loved , then many people of Indonesia who becomes obsessed Koreans . For these reasons , the Indonesian prefers abroad than here , " he told Okezone BeYouTiful clinic , Jakarta , Thursday, April 17, 2014 . ( Read: egg food untuk pleci )

Meanwhile , doctors in Indonesia has its own policies should not promo . That can be done is done promo clinic , not a doctor .

The reason , he said , there is a code of ethics that requires a doctor , especially beauty doctor not to promote him to the public . From there , why beauty treatment in Indonesia is less in demand because of the absence of large-scale promotion that can be done by a doctor .

"There is no code of ethics policy that physicians should not be to promote himself, must pass a clinic or parties can promote . That's why our problem is much more down compared to other countries . Yet in terms of treatment , all the same , " he concluded .


Pramod Anung: Companion Jokowi Wait Pileg Results

Indonesian Democratic Party of Struggle (PDI-P) did not want to rush to announce the name of his running mate (vice) companion Joko Widodo (Jokowi). PDIP still want to ascertain how their vote in legislative elections (pileg) in 2014 according to the Commission.

"We will look to Commission calculations. Officially However, the results of the calculation of the Commission," said former Secretary-General of the DPP PDIP, Pramod Anung told reporters in Jakarta.

Pramod declared PDIP want to ensure themselves whether to successfully break the presidential threshold or not. Figures presidential threshold is a minimum threshold that must sound legislative elections held political parties to be carry-vice presidential candidate.

According to Law 42 of 2008 on the presidential election, a political party must have at least 25 percent of the valid votes nationally or receive 20 percent of seats in Parliament. Pramod said that now there are a few names that vice presidential candidates continue to discuss internally PDIP.

Additionally PDIP communication with the vice presidential candidate also has intensified ahead of the vote count. Communications, said Pramod, made structures and Jokowi own party officials. Pramod reluctant to call anyone Jokowi vice presidential candidate.

When asked about the chances of Mahfud MD and became vice president Jusuf Kalla Jokowi example, Pramod normatively just say PDIP communicate with all existing candidates. Megawati's running mate announcement is the authority and Jokowi.
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He believes running mate to be determined, will have public support and win the election PDIP in 2014. Within each political communication is always the chance agree and disagree. Sometimes even something vague agreement can sometimes be a factor.

"So in politics it usually is dimly lit decisive," said Pramod.


Selasa, 15 April 2014

Generally posted Jokowi name, UN Back So Polemic

That afternoon Jokowi uncharacteristically . Jakarta Governor who is also the presidential candidate of the Indonesian Democratic Party of Struggle ( PDI-P ) was really upset . With a long face and high voice , Jokowi said , " which made ​​it whom? Tanya is created ! What city government is doing? What Jokowi that make? " said the man 's full name was Joko Widodo while pointing .

Jokowi anger seemed unstoppable when asked about his name appearing in the matter of the National Exam . Name the number one in Jakarta dicatut and written in the exam sheet Indonesian subjects . It was first revealed in SMA Muhammadiyah I Sukoharjo , Central Java . Written in the booklet :

" Ir . H. Joko Widodo was born in Surakarta , June 21, 1961 , is an alumnus of GMU . Since October 15 , Jokowi served as Governor of Jakarta . Figures are honest and always working hard with style blusukannya known to the corners of the capital. Various awards have been his achieve , among others, he was one of the best figures in the service of the people . As figures of art and culture , he is considered the most clean of corruption . Nevertheless , his efforts in the field of Provincial Minimum Wage ( UMP ) constrained by labor actions that call back their representatives when the trial took place . Fruits of the meeting set a minimum wage board wage of Rp 2.2 million " .
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Related to the reading , the students were told to answer two questions , namely " Modeling Jokowi on the citation is discourse ? " and "The problem Joko Widodo figures are based on a paragraph ? "
Deputy Minister of Education and Culture Musliar Kasim at the Ministry of Education and Culture , Jakarta , said the matter is not only read about Jokowi students in Central Java , but also 6 percent of students majoring in Social Sciences in Indonesia . " Spread across 18 provinces in the western region of 187 thousand the number of students , " said Musliar , Tuesday ( 04/15/2014 ) .

Not happy , even angry Jokowi name dicatut for about UN . With the high notes Jokowi said suspicious about that deliberately created to attack him .
" Do not let the question or the material in the National Examination was used to vilify Jokowi , perceive that what makes me . Logically how ? " Jokowi said ngeloyor go into City Hall .
reaction Jokowi
Although the Ministry of Education and Culture Jokowi ensure the appearance of the name of the UN is not a factor in the matter of intent , the case inevitably being debated . Member of Commission X Jefirstson R Riwu Kore said , this case is a reflection of lack of control by the government .

According Jefirstson , political issues should not be included in the UN . Because it can affect the final level of high school students , which include young voters . Democratic Party member asks Kemendikbud investigate the case . " We expect no penalties for makers , what their background , " said Jefirstson capitol .

Similar disclosed Indonesian Child Protection Commission ( KPAI ) . Chairman KPAI Asrorun Niam Sholeh asserted , the National Examination is the realm of education and political interests should not be littered .

Asrorun suspect about the politicization of the UN . " The contents are inclined convoy framing and opinion , " he said . To that end , KPAI ask the minister of Education and Culture in charge immediately investigate this case further .

" Who made , over what motivation . Should be a strict punishment so that similar incidents do not continue to happen , " he explained .
Jokowi itself is usually calm face reporters , ignited anger related to this case . " Obviously objection dong . Should have materials about national heroism . Jokowi If that's what ? " she said .

He asserted , that problem will be acted upon to prevent continued attacks from political enemies . When asked whether he would take legal action , Jokowi simply replied , " Anyway we take care , see you later . "
Jokowi be more vigilant because the current central figure at the center of public attention . All the gestures number one in Jakarta , in the spotlight since his party , PDI-P , nominating a presidential candidate . The greater spotlight , after winning the legislative elections PDIP 9 April 2014 .
Non Political Interests
Not wanting to be the object of public anger , Tuesday morning , the Ministry of Education and Culture immediately gathered his staff to discuss the case. According to the Minister of Education and Culture M. Noah , on Monday night after receiving a report , he immediately ordered that the inclusion of the name of the sheet to the UN Jokowi investigated .

In addition , Noah was also ordered his staff examine the question circulating on the go and sit his case like. " We have 20 types . Of the 20 types that are in all types or only in a few types , " he said .
Related sanctions for violators , Noah said it was still discussing it .
In a statement to reporters , Tuesday ( 04/15/2014 ) , Vice Kemendikbud Musliar Kasim , make sure there is no political element in the preparation of a matter of National Examination (UN ) that includes the name of Jokowi .

Because, he said , the matter was made long before Jokowi designated as a candidate . " The preparation of the national examination conducted since July 2013 . Much of exchanges candidate conducted recently . If there is a deliberate process to us , " he said .
He also explained , in the manufacture of the whole matter of the UN , Kemendikbud involving teachers , experts , representatives of university professors , education and development center . Because of this , the ministry believes Musliar not missed by the emergence of the name Jokowi . " We also do not know the figures that went into pencapresan today. There are other character names such as Rendra , Iwan Fals , and others. , But hopefully there is no element of intent . "
From Prison To Hospital
National Exam High School or equivalent level takes place simultaneously across the country from 14 to 16 April 2014 . Regulation makes not all students can take exams in class bench .

In Grobogan , Central Java , Rosdiana UN work on the problems with the infusion still plugged in his hand . Rosdiana undergoing treatment at a hospital suffering from lung disease . The vocational school students trying to finish one after the exam . However, due to the state of his body was weak , his concentration was reduced.

In Denpasar , Bali , I Komang Aditya Krishna Prathama UN was forced to work in hospitals Wangaya , Denpasar , Bali . Komang treated for dengue fever . Some students were a prisoner , forced to take exams behind bars .

In Lamongan , East Java , two vocational students fail to follow the UN as a result of an accident 2 days previously . They suffer a fracture due to a fall from a motorcycle , after attending a prayer in the schools . The plan , the students will follow the second follow-up examination at 22 to 24 April.

Implementation of UN was also marred many interesting events . In Wonosobo , Central Java , Siti Aishah do the exam while carrying her new baby was 4 months old . The young mother had dropped out of school , but he never gave up for the sake of holding a high school diploma .

Excitement coursed through the UN not only high school students . In Depok , West Java , some elderly people to follow the spirit of the UN . One of them Suprianto M Sulton , 60 years . Besides Sulton , there Hadi Suarno 54 years , and 44 years Lukmanul Judge . All three follow the UN Paket C to obtain a high school diploma .
Not Disconnect From Cheating
As with previous years , the implementation of the 2014 UN invited pros and cons . On the social networking site Twitter , UN which runs from April 14 to 16 a trending topic . Implementation of the UN is also still tinged fraud and unethical actions , either by the participants or invigilator .

In Apex , Central Java , UN participants from group C Packet , not shy to cheat . They also did not hesitate to speak in the exam room .

The second day of implementation of the UN in Tegal , Central Java , citizens seized sheet answer key of a group of high school students who were distributing photocopies of the answer sheets . But according to the Department of Education Tegal , sheet answer key math subjects was false .

Previously , in anticipation of cheating when the UN , a number of schools in the country to install surveillance cameras in the exam room . As in SMAN 3 Cimahi , West Java , school installed 42 CCTV cameras to watch over 388 UN participants .

The same applies in SMAN 1 Blitar , East Java . In addition there are two supervisors who are in class , the UN also monitored CCTV cameras installed in every exam room . So also in Madrasah Aliyah Negeri ( MAN ) 1 Pekanbaru , Riau . Implementation of UN monitored CCTV cameras installed in each corner of the classroom . At least 32 CCTV cameras installed at the school with the monitoring center in the principal's office .

There was silence in the exam room not only gives a sense of calm to the examinees . In Madrasah Aliyah ( MAN ) 1 Baubau city , Southeast Sulawesi , the tranquility of fishing turns drowsiness UN inspection officials from the Department of Education . From CCTV cameras , a supervisory officer seen asleep at her desk . While busy students to answer exam questions .


Senin, 14 April 2014

Solar Technology Able to Access the Internet

EDINBURGH - Researchers from the University of Edinburgh have recently developed a solar power technology that allows access to the internet . The solar panel was able to detect broadband signals , thereby generating electricity capable .

The technology allows the data sent on the World Wide Web ( WWW ) by using sunlight , and , in addition, solar energy can be harnessed to provide energy for such equipment , as well as detect and deliver the data .

In a statement , the University of Edinburgh said it could enable wireless communications in remote areas are adequate , in the developing regions that do not have a web infrastructure , or in an emergency , the statement said .
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As reported by Xinhua , the prototype system has reached about seven Mbps transmission speed , which is equal to the maximum speed of the network non - conventional Kable .

The study was initiated in Li - Fi technology pioneer Edinburgh team - which allows data to be sent over the Internet by using LED lights .

" Li - Fi could make a solar -powered Internet access may be obtained in far away places , and open up all kinds of possibilities for wireless communication are wide-reaching , " said Prof . Harald Haas from the University of Edinbrugh as quoted by Antara .


Jumat, 11 April 2014

Disadvantages Jagakarsa Waste Disposal

Jagakarsa Sub-District , South Jakarta , still short of landfills ( TPS ) . Currently only a temporary polling station that is used to accommodate the trash of residents.

" We ask the headman , but has not been provided . Fact for transit just yet " said Anwari , the District Health Section officers Jagakarsa , Saturday ( 04/12/2014 ) .

TPS while residing in Gang Papyrus , Lenteng Great Highway , according Anwari , has been used for over 10 years . While waiting for the land provided by the village , the officer maximize the use of the land.

Rizal Marpaung , staff Tribes of South Jakarta Sanitation Office , when contacted said land for TPS may also be made by residents . " Cleanliness Sub-Department will provide a budget to set up polling stations , but the land belonging to residents must be provided in advance , " said Rizal .

Regarding the establishment of TPS , Rizal also said the importance of citizen involvement . Proposed land given by the citizens to facilitate the establishment of polling stations . Often the establishment of TPS , said Rizal , once built , protests from nearby residents .

This time to reduce the accumulation of garbage , janitor districts use the land in front of the Campus IISIP , Lenteng Supreme transit as TPS . According Anwari , garbage trucks parked in TPS Papyrus often make jams and disrupt the environment .

The large number of vehicles belonging to the District garbage lifter Jagakarsa 10 units . The ten trucks are used to lift the garbage from residential areas to the polls while . While the truck toward the Final Disposal ( TPA ) Bantar Gebang , East Jakarta , there are only 4 units .
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The plan in July 2014 , the agency will add two units of the vehicle , to remove garbage from the polling stations to the landfill while Bantar Gebang .